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what is a pay stub

Here are a couple of related templates that you might find useful for managing your workforce and payroll. That makes your payroll operations more efficient and agile, so you can focus on projects and tasks that matter. By freeing up time for other projects, you boost your productivity in the long run. Then, after you fill out the Deductions section, you’ll see the total deductions calculated too. Immediately after, you’ll see the gross amount automatically calculated. Finally, you’ll see the Net amount automatically calculated in the Total column. As soon as you download the template, begin by adding the necessary company details, such as name and address.

How To Read Your Paycheck To Make Sure It’s Correct – HuffPost

How To Read Your Paycheck To Make Sure It’s Correct.

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You’re only left to add the year to date gross, year to date deductions, and year to date net — and the pay stub is ready to be issued. Invoices are mostly issued by independent contractors to request payment from clients for the provided services. Pay stubs, on the other hand, are issued by companies as a part of a payroll process.

How To Create A Pay Stub?

Each pay stub includes year-to-date fields for each withholding category so you can track how much money you’ve paid for taxes, Social Security and Medicare throughout the year. Many employers include a similar listing for contributions to retirement savings plans and health plans. You’ll generally see these fields marked as the acronym “YTD” (year-to-date) on your pay stubs. Some employers, for instance, may provide a paper pay stub, even if they pay you electronically. Others may simply upload your pay stub to an online portal, where you can view it by logging in to your account. If you’re unsure about how to get pay stubs, contact your payroll manager.

According to a recent QuickBooks survey, 25% of employees said they have received a paycheck with errors. There’s no shortage of payroll terms when referring to these pay stubs, which means you may also hear them referred to as payslips, pay statements, or paycheck stubs. No matter what you choose to call them, pay stubs make it easy for employees to review deductions, tax withholdings, and earnings. For employers, what is a pay stub pay stubs prove their business is paying their employees as promised. It is also a record confirming required taxes and fees have been deducted. For employees, pay stubs can be reviewed to ensure accurate payments and correct deductions. The Fair Labor Standards Act makes it mandatory for the employer to keep and save the precise records of the hourly wages and salaries of their employees for up to three years.

Pay Stub FAQs

If you signed up for medical, dental or life insurance through your employer, your contributions to these plans will be deducted from your pay as well. For example, you may need to supply just your most recent pay stub or provide multiple months’ worth of stubs. And if your credit is in great shape, for instance, you may not have to provide a pay stub at all.

  • It’s important for both the employer and employee to keep paper pay stubs and copies safe for future reference.
  • It is vital for companies to verify whether pay stubs are required in the place they are conducting business, along with ensuring the paychecks satisfy the rules.
  • A pay stub is a document issued by an employer that shows an employee’s gross earnings, deductions from those earnings, and net pay.
  • These federal and state withholdings account for much of the difference between your gross income and net income.
  • Some company payrolls have eliminated both the paper cheque and stub, in which case an electronic image of the stub is available on a website.

Every pay stub will show the current total for the pay period itself as well as your year-to-date totals. For instance, New York’s state council requires food business to include a section for tips and wages earned on each pay stub. If the employer provides meals or uniform, that must also be included on the pay stub under the “credits” or “allowances”. This is the section where all the taxes and its calculation needs to be shown.

Employer Taxes & Contributions

A paycheck is a bank check or electronic direct deposit that is given to an employee by their employer to pay them for their work. However, a pay stub is a document that communicates all kinds of calculations applied to the paycheck between an employer and the employee with full transparency. Pay stubs are like receipts for the employees and provide liability to your business.

what is a pay stub

With Hourly, there’s no need to worry about keeping track of employee hours or deductions. Our app automatically tracks wages, hours, and deductions, allowing you to issue accurate, up-to-date pay stubs with a few simple clicks.

The net pay of an employee is the final in-hand amount or rather the amount mentioned on their paycheck or directly deposited into their bank account as their salary. Usually, both the current net pay as well as the year-to-date net pay are mentioned on a pay stub. This also helps the employee to understand their pay and check for accuracy. The net pay might be significantly lower than the gross pay depending on the size of deductions. Finally, consider removing any barriers an employee might encounter when trying to retrieve a pay stub. Moments that require employee pay stubs—like applying for a loan or filling out a rental application—can be stressful. As an employer, you can reduce that stress by making it easy for employees to access necessary documents.

  • It’s a good idea to sit down with your spouse prior to filling out the form, so that you can determine the correct withholdings.
  • Apart from that, certain state laws require employers to provide specific types of pay stubs.
  • It may be in paper format or electronic and accessible online, depending on your employer.
  • Electronic pay stubs – or “e-pay stubs” – are easy to store securely and access on-demand.
  • Continue filling out the template by doing the same with the Deductions section.
  • If you discover issues, contact your manager or your company’s payroll or human Resources departments.
  • Your income is broken down by the hours worked at each earnings rate.

The manual labor that entails is not a good use of your time and resources. Formulas — and on some platforms, automations — save you from doing repetitive work, so you can take back your time and focus on more important projects.

A pay stub is a very important document because it is the only official paperwork that creates transparency about the job done and the money paid for it. While these contributions aren’t deducted from your employee’s wages, they are can still included on the employee’s pay stub. The payroll deductions on a pay stub vary depending on the small business employee benefits you provide. For example, an employee might contribute to insurance premiums or retirement plans. At Horizons we work closely with companies to ensure that they are staying compliant with international labor and tax laws, particularly relating to payroll, taxes and holiday bonuses. Horizons is a global PEO (“Professional Employer Organization”) which means we act as the ’employer of record’ of our clients’ international employees.

  • As with federal taxes, money for state taxes is withheld from every paycheck.
  • An employee’s pay stub can be obtained by visiting the company’s payroll department on your own or by searching for it online.
  • After you’ve filled out all the payment-related information, you’ll need to fill out the Deductions column.
  • The last thing you want is for an error to be repeated through several pay periods.