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10 Tools to Help Remote Web Developers Collaborate with Their Team

We carefully pick each employee and stick to high standards of product development to ensure the highest quality of code. If you are using any unusual tools — for example, a custom compiler for your production server — please make sure that the instructions are included with the credentials. Deployment is a scripted process and the developers need to know the process step-by-step in order to make sure they won’t break already existing features. While the previous two steps were more of a common ground for all hires, the third one is very specific to new developers in your company.

Both you and your remote employees will be happy with this management system. Of course, it’s the XXI century, working remotely is not unusual anymore and you can use one of many collaboration tools for software development available. Remote developers commonly use Slack to communicate between themselves and their teams. Many companies use it as their primary communication tool, and it’s a perfect one. If you work for a startup or a smaller business, finding people to work with may be difficult. You may not have the time, staff, and connections to find programmers from all over the world.

You can try Markup Hero for free without having to sign up. Just click “new” in the top left of their website, upload an image, and explore its functionality. It’s easy, it’s fast, and it’s a good remote work tool to know about when you’re working with images. Markup Hero is a screenshot and annotation tool that makes it easy to communicate a message on a picture or image.

tools for remote software development team

AnyDesk is a commercial platform enabling teams to connect and manage their work through shared tools instantly. It also allows you to share documents without exposing your sensitive information to the Internet. Jira helps us plan ahead, track progress, and manage quickly and easily all of the complexities of agile project management. So here are some of the communication tools for a remote team to stay connected. You can also record company/team meetings for people who may be unavailable. It’s also a fantastic tool for remote user-testing sessions, as you can instantly share the results with your team.

Hubstaff Tasks

New hires can fill out and sign all of their paperwork from their phone. The system integrates with many well-known payroll providers and helps with ACA compliance. Features include reports and analytics, rewards, social posts for recognition, and more.

tools for remote software development team

She enjoys writing on SaaS, product, and growth for the UserGuiding Blog. Outside of work, you can find her reading a gothic novel or doing crossword puzzles in her room because words are everything to her. For pricing plans suitable for your company, you need to contact WooBoard by filling out the contact form on their website.

Floobits: Screen sharing and terminal/IDE collaboration

It’s easy to miss out on top talent to get crucial projects done. Work with Apollo Technical and we’ll bring the best IT and Engineering talent right to you. All your docs, your screenshots, your images, your presentations, your files, etc.

The beauty of this tool for you is that it provides a complete picture of your project, who is doing what, and how they are collaborating to complete it. If your remote PM is using this team management software, you are in good hands. Fortunately, over the past few years, there’s been an increase in the number of tools for remote teams for the ever-increasing number of remote-first or fully remote companies.

Another study by PGI states that 82% of remote employees have much lower stress than professionals who work in a traditional setup. This eventually keeps them satisfied with their job for longer and enforces a greater employee retention rate. Find an established remote team that is used to working together or assemble your own remote team by hiring the best candidates and bring them together.

  • Sustaining this level of productivity usually comes with great stress and anxiety.
  • Dropbox is a great alternative to Google Drive if the only thing your remote workers need is storage.
  • Basecamp can pretty much manage your remote development for you.
  • If you use Kanban methodology in your remote work, Trello will work perfectly.
  • Outside of strict coding, Screenhero is also great for meetings and presentations, bringing voice chat and screen sharing inside the Slack app.

It provides a unified workspace experience and makes teamwork the dream work. What strikes me with Confluence is that it understands the challenges of remote collaboration. Thankfully, you can create a source of truth that collects and arranges your team’s knowledge into easy-to-find answers and stay on top of meeting notes to improve the project. While code review helps review code branches and combine changes with automated checks, pull requests alert developers when new changes are pushed to a repository.’s chart templates and customizable dashboard makes it easier to meet deadlines and complete projects.

Stratio for understanding the time spent on development

Is the development team that brings shape and existence to digital solutions. The tool is one of the best choices to collaborate on documents and easily share them with team members and devices. The system is compatible with all the common file formats.

Even though it does have options for messaging, Zoom is mostly known for its high-quality video calling. It can integrate with other products such as G Suite, Dropbox, Adobe Creative Cloud, and more. Fun Slack bots boost morale by giving birthday reminders and team reports. Trello has earned its popularity thanks to the visual list creation tool that allows you to follow the project progress in a simple and visual way. At the same time, Screenhero has some disadvantages, namely, it doesn’t support Linux and it still requires a lot of bandwidth.

You can find software development partners at and have access to testimonials from previous partners. Here, it is possible to place lists, tasks, events, media, and everything that may be connected to any schedule. Making reports is just another part of the development team’s routine.

Tips for Successfully Managing a Remote Software Development Team

After all, we have the best people to do their job, provide estimations, report problems as well as find solutions based on team concerns. Working remotely helps us to identify problems immediately and prevent inevitable blockages. Create different thread posts depending on the topic you choose.

Looking for another collaborative workspace for your software development team? Major organizations like LinkedIn, NASA, and New York Times use Confluence for their teams. It is a great tool especially for receiving feedback on your work and offers more than 3,000 app integrations with Google Drive, DropBox, Office, and more. Webex is a cloud solution by Cisco for online meetings, screen sharing, video conferencing, and webinars with over 300M users. An issue tracking and project management tool that has the ability to create workflows, track tasks, and bugs, and plan releases.

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Slack can also be integrated with a variety of other project management tools and essential applications like Dropbox and Google Drive. Dropbox and Google Drive are some of the most popular workspaces for storage and file sharing. If you have experience with remote teams, the right leadership remote mindset and technology expertise, then you should build your independent remote development team. Don’t schedule too many meetings and avoid meeting for meetings’ sake.

I use it daily and love how they automatically create a personalized playlist according to your tastes. It’s also created because you can download the music and listen to it offline on a mobile device. As mentioned earlier in the article, it can be tough for members of a remote team to understand each other’s nuances and preferences.

It allows us to separate and track conversations for different projects and have quick questions answered with individuals as needed. It’s important to keep issues up to date and as a remote developer. This is because I can’t just stop by a PM’s office or a teammate’s desk to see how things are moving. Headway uses MoSCoW prioritization to manage feature development for products that we build. It allows project stakeholders to clearly understand what work will happen, when it will happen, and why on their product at any given time. If you work with a small team, Trello’s Kanban board can be very helpful for tracking the project status and managing details in synch with your teammates.


Trio works closely with a number of tools that make the lives of our remote software engineers much easier, so trust that Trio has your best interests in mind. Microsoft Teams is a hub for chat, video calls, and even file sharing. Even its tagline, “Where work happens”, speaks about its indispensability in project management. Provides an easy-to-use chat/channel communication tool that can keep everyone connected with a user-friendly interface. By creating cards with tasks and rearranging them, you can delegate assignments, track progress, collect and store information, as well as plan and organize work processes. Let’s run through some of the other developer collaboration tools.

A collaboration tool perfect for remote teams for chat, calls, and video meetings. With features that help you find, share, and edit files within the Microsoft Office 365 ecosystem. A cloud-based project management tool featuring task management, task automation, Gantt charts, tools for remote software development team analytics, resource charts, reporting, issue tracking, and chat. The software used by marketing, real estate, software, and consulting companies. It’s the world’s go-to software development platform and pretty much a required remote work tool for any software developer.

When different developers use different tools, you can use Mio to connect with them on their preferred platform without leaving your preferred platform . Additionally, Google Docs tends to be one of the most popular tools as it allows you to write and edit documents online in real-time. Mariia Tintul, who is Business Development Director for Lenal EU, which is a medium-sized software development firm with offices in Tallinn & Kyiv.

It’s incalculable the amount of times this has saved me from the eternal headache of DST. Drag and drop designs into the app, get a shareable link and refer back to it to see comments attached to specific parts of the design. No more descriptions like ‘the bit on the left between the sidebar and the header’ — with Red Pen, you can see exactly what they mean. Iterating over errors and user feedback can be difficult because of the disconnect between you and your user. With Usersnap, you can see feedback and bugs in the same context as the reporting user. Efficiently share your screen instead of looking over someone’s shoulder using Screenhero.

In this case, making your data available in the local network could be an alternative. There are many applications for this, both free and paid. However, it is likely that by using free solutions, you will spend a lot of time setting them properly. With any kind of remote work, it’s essential to have central hub for dumping in all your files, even if you’re not planning on collaborating over them.